Thursday, April 14, 2011

Short Poems on Love and Life and Life Passing

Days scud by like clouds;
that generous wind
blows forever.

But it blew into a corner
where our days collected,
not clouds but leaves.


One bullet
and your universe went black.

One piece of metal,
the opposite to a key.


empty hangar
but for a step-ladder
and a bucket of oil.


Father’s Day:
her voice came into my head:
“Daddy’s Day”, she said.

I went to see if she was in her room;
it was 6am.
Can it really be so long ago?


After all, a house is just a box
without a human to rattle.


Your face: smoke.
Or was I holding it in smoke fingers?

Love crashed then receded.

Remember your face?
It might have been a heat haze in January.


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