Saturday, January 28, 2012

A New Order Please

As time goes by, as establishments age, their charters/constitutions age and they become more estranged from their constituencies. Organizations become locked into their time while the people they serve and their circumstances change. Our establishment, in all its facets, becomes inadequate.

And so, governments and their agencies enact regulations to embed themselves into society, removing themselves from their pioneering beginnings, regulating us into their paradigms for existence.

Politicians, even well-meaning, serve their parties rather than their people. Leaders serve established bodies, national and international. They become slaves to the ivory towers of establishment rather than heroes of their peoples.They endeavour to endoctrinate us on their infallibility, they can never for example admit to mistakes; they make no mistakes. This is my experience in Ireland; it appears to be case in the US, the UK, the EU and everywhere I look.

The power brokers have, I think, through accumulating regulation upon regulation, insulated themselves from answerability; it’s time to vote them en-masse, internationally, out.

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