Sunday, March 25, 2012

Something Beautiful - 3epkano

3epkano are a Dublin-based collective who compose sountracks “to silent, avant-garde, and temporary cinema”; they perform their scores live, and in venues that range from the main Electric Picnic stage to the National Gallery of Ireland. At home and abroad they are creating waves and deservedly.

Now and then over the years I have recommended music that can put you in the mood to write poetry; this does. The music is haunting, moving, simply beautiful. Creating soundscapes, dreamscapes you can move around in; spacey enough to find your own private place, moody enough to drown a little.

They started out in 2004 and have made three albums; the most recent released in Oct 2011; Hans the Reluctant Wolf Juggler – “What really marks this record out is the startling nature and force of musicianship.” Tony Clayton-Lea, Irish Times.

I have yet to catch them live, but I won't leave it much longer. Listen to the track below and you'll understand. Meanwhile the website is go check it out.

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