Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I was in a hawthorn,
trapped in its branches;
all arms, hands and fingers
prevailing on me not to struggle.

I was an exhibit in a jar
ragged and shock-eyed,
praying for a passer-by
where ravens perch still for hours.

I was a storm-blown tatter
caught in another’s stitching;
my cries drifting into the sky
nonchalant like dandelion seeds.

(from Turn Your Head)


Sabne Raznik said...

Good to see you've got this up and running again. You had given it up for a while if I recall? Do you have a Facebook?

Michael said...

Hi Sabne, yea, but not much used. Hope you're good.

Sabne Raznik said...

Yes. I'm trudging. lol And trying to get my writing going again. So far so good. You've been busy it seems. :)

Well, if you feel like it, add me in Facebookland?


Michael said...

I'm trying to get my writing back on track too.It's a pedal-power carriage at the moment, but at least it's moving again. Hope you've got a tail-wind.

Sabne Raznik said...

More like the pedal-powered carriage, too. But better than nothing. I think it's growing. Definitely convinced now that social media is a must these days. May we both get a tail-wind!