Sunday, June 17, 2012

When Less is More

I had forgotten this poem from Felos aínda serra; it was drawn to my attention recently. It came without too much effort, maybe that’s why I had forgotten it. The idea came from the icons on the bicorns worn by the felos in Galician carnival festivities.
Looking at it now, I am very pleased with its accuracy.
“There’s an owl in my head”
Said Joseph.
“I am wise,
Wisest of all creatures.”

“There’s a tiger in mine”
Said Paul.
“I am the fiercest;
All creatures respect me.”

“A stag in mine”
Said Thomas.
"I am majestic,
Admired by all." 

“My head is empty”
Said Jim.
“So there is space
For all creatures to come and go.”

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