Sunday, March 31, 2013

Cycle of Life

I hadn't realised till working on Above Ground Below Ground how the old myths - Gods,Godesses,changelings,magic,etc - were the ancient take on science. In particular the rivalries between some of the deities represent natural cycles and indeed recycling. Moreover, that they through being linked with mores, customs and laws made some of the ecological imperatives (that we are only now appreciating and grappling with) sacred.

The piper plays jigs and hornpipes,
the trees sway;
when the piper stops
the trees remain suspended
in contours around themselves.

Beneath the earth
the grovelling roots
fingering soil grains,
thriving on death,
know nothing of the dance.

Long ago, the piper decreed
that trees become wheels,
turning darkness to light,
resurrecting the dead,
making circles of time.

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