Friday, March 8, 2013

from Felos ainda serra

included in the chapbook published in Galicia in 2005

Go to bed, Michael,
or the monsters will come.

Say your prayers,
build yourself a wall.

Pull the blankets up
over your eyes.

Be silent down your burrow,
the night sky is stirring.

Go to sleep, Michael,
they will not disturb the dead.


“There is an owl in my head”
said Joseph. “I am wise,
wisest of all creatures”.

“There is a tiger in my head”
said Paul. “I am  fierce,
all creatures fear me”.

“A stag in mine”
said Thomas. “ I am majestic,
admired by all”.

“My head is empty”
said Jim. “ a space
for all creatures to come and go.”

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