Sunday, July 20, 2014

Images from Clare

We were in Miltown Malbay for the Willie Clancy. In the afternoons, we went walking. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera, but I did have my mobile, so couldn't resist a few scenes.

The first is this view of the Cliffs of Moher looking south, but for all the world, it looks like a ledge hanging precariously high  above the ocean.

Not far from Miltown, there is the beautifully maintained holy  well in honour of St Joseph. As regular visitors here will know, I have a fascination for holy wells; places that have a special other-worldly atmosphere about  them. I hope more people come to visit them, so that they may survive.

Every time I come to Clare, I want to walk in the Burren. Bloody Cranes-bill filled the grykes.

But you have to marvel at nature's resilience, here's a small nest of plants surviving in spite of everything.

I was reminded yet again, something music-lovers have always known, Clare is a very special place.

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