Sunday, November 22, 2015

Eerie art

Reflections in puddles and pools can throw reality into the most unexpected compositions of forms and colours. Juxtaposed with the watery medium's actual surroundings, the resulting artistic effect can be stunning.
I find this to be  particularly true of bog holes. The spare beauty of the landscapes, the bleakness of winter skies in Ireland, the suggestion, (since they tend to be oblong, rectangular), of an ethereal grave. If I stop to look, I'm likely to find myself  absorbed into melancholic thoughts.

Bog Hole

Mute Michael laid out on water

shivers like a flag.

Fissures of sky rake him,

his mouth worms.

Night, extinguishing the bog cotton,

finds him alone

treading visions,

dressed in bottomless black.
Detail from painting by Elaine Leigh. 

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