Sunday, February 19, 2017

The way of the world

I came across a written piece in which it said that you can be very friendly with a person. The friendliness grows towards a sexual relationship.  A time comes when that  relationship might be consumated, but if the moment passes, the relationship  unravels, even appears somewhat sordid to the other person. 

It always surprises me when I see the closest relationships break up, only to descend into a version of open warfare.

You see it, often in families: is it because there's a sense of betrayal? Closeness turns to outright hostility.

The Way of It

I can't fit you into my scheme of things  
nor you me,
now that we've finally become ourselves.

I turn on you sharper than a scalpel,
spit words chiselled to wound.
Out from beneath the quilt of affection,

our naked selves so vicious,
we bruise each other with the same fervour
that once marked our love.

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