Saturday, February 23, 2008

Stop the Next War

I came across this on YouTube. It's a very poignant and striking statement against all war-making.

Friday, February 22, 2008


I normally don’t say anything about Kay’s business but recently she has had some spectacular results healing through Bio-energy. You can learn more about bio-energy at her website . Catherine O’Dea’s Bio-energy for Health is based like myself in Dublin and Donegal. There's a link to her site below.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Rathmines Festival

My role with Rathmines Festival is peripheral this year; I’m no longer part of the organising committee. I'm enjoying the relaxation that comes with that but do miss the excitement and, to some extent, the anxiety. Good luck to my successor James Casey. The Festival will take place over the weekend April 18th - 20th. Over the years we’ve (surprise surprise) had a strong literary component. I hope it continues. Mention was made of an event involving Anthony Cronin, but I’m not sure if this is definite. I’ll post events as they become known.

Writing From Within

Notice of Writing From Within, Haiku and the Spiritual Dimension, comes from Maeve O’Sullivan. This is a workshop with Maeve O’Sullivan and Kim Richardson that will take place from Sat 12th to Sat 19th July 2008 in Anam Cara, Writers and Artists Retreat, in the Beara Peninsula. "This workshop is designed to help develope paths to our own inner inspiration." It combines " the haiku work with meditation, breath and light practices......... ". Further information can be got from Sue Booth Forbes at